Digital agency or startup?

We're here to help. We provide technical expertise and undertake sub-contracted and outsourced work for advertising agencies, digital media/web design agencies, and startups.

Our experience, skills and flexibility have helped numerous agencies grow by delivering bespoke web applications. By providing all the technical knowledge, training and subsequent support for projects whether it’s a simple interactive calculator or a full integrated bespoke web application.

Outsourcing your application development and maintenance to Crealup will offload your team to focus on what really matters, your high priority projects. We can provide you with all the skills needed to complement your existing development efforts. This will reduce your resource constraints, development costs, hiring risk and management headaches. You'll be able to focus and do more with less.


Our skills

We specialise in building web applications, that's all we do, but we do it great.

Our main server side coding language is PHP and we use MVC frameworks to deliver rapid, powerful and flexible bespoke applications. Our favourite framework is Yii, which we use with MySQL for the databases. Among our skills HTML5 and Javascript couldn't miss as these allow to build modern and powerful client side apps.

We also code awesome web-based mobile apps based on HTML5 and various JS frameworks including jQuery Mobile and AppFramework. The apps we build have the advantage of being cross-platform either being fully web based or hybrid. (that is when we deliver the apps in containers based on native apps like the ones on Google Play for Android or the App store. This allows to also access some of the devices native functionality such as the camera or the accelerometer.

And if you are in the real need for something newfangled, real-time and awesome, we can offer MEAN development, that is a full stack based on MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.JS.

Because of rate at which new technologies become available we have developed an ability to quickly adapt and learn new programming paradigms and offer the best to our clients.

Yii Framework

We are located where you are

That's right, thanks to our communication approach and the excellent project management platforms we use, we can shorten any distance. But if it really matters, we are a UK based based company, located in Glasgow, Scotland and we are available to meet in several European locations.

Give us a    on +44 (0)141 628 6280

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