Credit Card Address Verification

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If your card can not be verified automatically, we will verify it manually. If your credit card is not compatible with AVS, we regret not being able to accept it. To accelerate your first order, you can consider using a credit card. Today, almost everyone can receive a payment card. Your credit card will not be charged for an item until this product has actually been shipped. It will only be charged when the merchandise is ready for shipment. To access a thriving e-commerce site, you simply need to be able to accept payment cards and process online payment transactions.

The number is left up to 16 digits. Credit card numbers have different formats that indicate the type of card and other information. The numbers on this test credit card will only work in the sandbox.If your processor does not provide separate credits for existing transactions and you have passed the consolidated period, you must obtain another consolidation technique from your customer (for example, the shipment to verify).

Many processors offer the possibility of issuing a refund or credit that is not related to a previous transaction. The credit card processor sends a merchant response code indicating the level of correspondence of the address, on the basis of which the credit card transaction can be accepted or rejected.If you select a refund, we will send you an email when the credit has been sent to your credit card.

Refunds must be linked to a pre-established transaction and, in general, can not exceed the amount of this previous transaction. They will be made according to the same payment method originally used for the purchase. For the use of credit cards, the payment has been authorized and in advance in the shipment. Payments are sometimes a confusing topic.

If your purchase does not fully satisfy you, you can return it in accordance with the return policy of the Cabling Plus website. As soon as you place your order, we will contact you if we need more information. Orders sent to an address other than the billing address of the card will be verified. If your order was rejected due to an address verification problem, contact your issuing bank as described above and contact us so we can make an effort to verify the purchase.

All orders are subject to verification. Once the purchase is complete, you will have the opportunity to choose between several global shipping methods during the order process and compare several shipping rates based on your location.If you are a new customer, we may need to confirm your information for international credit card transactions.

Our company is extremely dependent on references and we would like to know if our customers are unhappy for any reason. If you are in a business that does not suffer from credit card fraud, you can choose to approve transactions despite discrepancies in some or all of the AVS data. If you operate an Internet business and sell online, you must have an Address Verification Service (AVS) system.

International customers have also reported fantastic experiences using Paypal as a credit card payment option. You can request additional insurance for an additional charge at the time of your order. Adult items can only be purchased by customers 18 years of age or older who use a large credit card or who are willing to provide proof of identity (a duplicate of their photo identification, such as their driver’s license). ) With payment.

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