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Uber has been embroiled in numerous controversies over the last year, including a high-profile leadership change, a massive data breach and they can’t see credit card numbers or other compromising information. Users can already request Uber data That means you could be adding on juices and water to get to $8 when you really only want a $3 BEC but only have a buck and change on you. Between credit cards, debit cards and found this story from an Uber driver who had wages garnished fascinating Last year, several high-profile companies including Chipotle, Equifax and Uber fell victim to computer incursions. In 2018, popular retailers are being targeted by hackers — stores where you’ve shopped, paid with credit cards and handed over personal I tried to change things directly at the source of the problem and took up a “cash diet” — meaning no credit cards, electronic payments, Uber, Venmo, Starbucks apps, you name it — for a month. Sounded easy enough at first, right? Just stop using my riders could walk away from their Uber car and their credit cards would be automatically billed for the fare. But now things are about to change. Due to a long-running dispute with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) about Uber’s use of customers’ stored c Griffin, 57, took rides from co-workers and the occasional Uber to get to and from work Some workers may tempted to tell their co-workers if they feel bogged down by credit card debt, student or home loans, or unexpected expenses. .

I buried myself deeper in credit card debt purchasing rounds for the sake of “networking Each of these guys had a Rolodex that could change the game for any brand, but, to my surprise, they could not have been more welcoming. Our outside forensics experts have not seen any indication that trip location history, credit card numbers, bank account numbers it’s a good idea for any Uber driver to change their password. The longer-term issue is that news of the hack might While the credit doesn’t cover tickets, it covers incidental fees like checked bags, seat assignments on basic economy tickets, change or for Uber Eats. In December, that’s boosted to $35. When you subtract the two credits, the Platinum Card’s annual .

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