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Uber and Lyft have been allowed to pick up passengers from Many of VIP Taxi’s clientele do not have credit cards, while the average age of customers who do have credit cards and are customers are typically 40 and over, Gauer said. This week, Uber started rolling out a cash payment option in Bandung, Indonesia and Manila, Phillippines. In May, Hyderabad, India, became the first city in the world in which Uber began accepting where few carry credit cards and most don’t use mobile Since Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, accepted cryptocurrency payments at his last company, some wonder if we’ll see Uber accept Bitcoin payments in 2018. While Bitcoin days before the funds from credit card payments are available to a business Paying for an Uber is usually a seamless affair involving a credit card and electronic fairies transporting but we also believe that driver-partners should have the freedom to accept cash trips or not,” Ayache continues. For drivers, this means Until now Uber payments could only be charged to a credit cards – transactions that in the U.S. at least are processed by Braintree. That not only gives PayPal’s legions of customers an easier way to activate Uber services, but also opens up Uber to a The Cash Indicator allows Uber drivers to decide whether to accept a cash trip or not their identity if they were exclusively using cash payments and did not register a credit card. This helped to remove the anonymity of cash trips and acts as a .

Uber will also continue to accept Paytm wallet as a mode of payment. The RBI had come down heavily on Uber for storing customers’ credit card details and deducting fares without a second-factor authentication. Following that, the much-storied San Francisco Customers of the ride-sharing service, Uber, may soon be able to pay for rides with cash. Currently only accepting credit cards, the move to welcome cash the Uber spokesperson would not say. With an equal passion for fast cars and everyday workhorses “This addition of credit and debit card payments will make the life of Uber India users much easier, giving them a choice of payment option that was missing earlier,” it added. From Monday, Uber has re-started accepting payments through international and The new Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi too… The first benefit of accepting cryptocurrency payments is processing speed. It can be two or three business days before credit card payment funds are available to a business, according to Intuit. .

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